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Flagship Converters, Inc. was founded in 1989 by Michael Davies and Alan Wolfe behind the idea of providing world-class service and competitively priced products to meet and exceed customers’ requirements. The business started with a coating line and slitter to supply metallized, coated, and laminated films to the decorative markets with garland films, ribbon films, giftwrap, and other decorative end uses. 28 years later, Flagship Converters has established themselves as leaders in the engineering of metallized, coated and laminated films and serves markets that include flexible packaging, cosmetic and food packaging, window films, wall coverings, thermal insulation and blankets, and many other decorative and industrial markets.

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For 28 years, Flagship Converters has supplied metallized, coated, and laminated films to satisfied customers throughout the US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, UK, and many other countries. Over the years Flagship Converters has grown by expanding in-house services and capabilities to include extruding, metallizing, coating, laminating, flexographic printing, texture embossing, hologram embossing, slitting and traverse slitting. Learn more about Flagship Converters’ services below:

Vacuum Metalizing

Our vacuum metalizing process adds a thin layer of aluminium or other metal coating to a substrate material. It is used primarily in the decorative and packaging industries.

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Coating & Laminating

With over 20 years of experience serving customers worldwide, Flagship Converters Inc. have mastered the art of coating and laminating.

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Corona Treatment

Corona surface treatment is used as a pre-treatment to make plastic films or metal foils ready for printing, laminating or coating.

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Flexo & Gravure Printing

If you need high quality images printed onto plastic film, we offer a customizable flexo printing process or gravure printing process.

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We offer custom texture embossing and holographic embossing, ideal for decorative materials such as foil or laminated film.

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Custom Solutions

Allow Flagship Converters Inc. to create a custom solution specifically tailored to fit your needs. Team up with us to make your next project a reality!

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