Industries We Serve

We serve a variety of industries with high-quality products that can be customized as needed.

Over the years, we have built a strong reputation for quality, service and delivery. You’ll get the shortest lead times in the business – 2 to 3 days on most orders.

Cosmetic & Cosmetic Packaging

At Flagship Converters, we provide coated plastics that can be corona treated and flexure or gravure printed for high quality cosmetic packaging. These types treatments are ideal for products such as hair-care, shower/bath and beauty products.

Decorative Packaging and Display

This is the original industry we started out serving, back in 1989. We still manufacture coated and laminated, metallized and embossed materials for the decorative industry to this day. Our products are used extensively for ribbons and bows, holiday garlands and tinsel, gift and basket wrap, display and decorations, party goods and pom poms.

Food & Medical Device Packaging

We manufacture safe and reliable laminated and thermoformed packaging materials for the food and medical device industries. With our wide range of printing and adhesive services, combined with very short lead times, we are fast becoming the go-to convertors for these industries.

Thermoforming & POP Display

We convert plastic film that is suitable for use in thermoforming. The ready-for-printing thermoformed plastic is ideal to create molded and printed displays at point of purchase or trade events, for instance.

Insulation, Window Film, and Wallcovering

Our facility can manufacture multi-layered coated and laminated films that are ideal for insulation and thermal control. We can create laminated or metallized films for window and surface protection.

Indoor/Outdoor Banner and Pennant

Our coated and laminated films are ideal for flags, banners and other decorative or promotional materials.

Printed Label and Tape

Our advanced coating, laminating and metalizing technology means we can supply durable and eye-catching films for printed labels and tape. We can use a multi-layer construction for laminated films, perfect for raised labels.