Custom Embossing and Holographic Embossing

Texture Embossing creates a decorative raised surface on a material. Texture embossing is the process of applying contact pressure between a male and female roller, or male roller and soft flat roller, and passing the material between the two rollers.  The pressure between the rollers creates an impression on the material, and that impression can be subtle or severe by simply changing the pressure between the rollers.  The resulting “embossed” impression creates a visually appealing effect on the material surface that really stands out, and it also creates a different feeling, or “hand”, of the material.  Some embossing patterns are subtle and give a materials a softer feel like a fabric, while other patterns are more aggressive giving the material a rougher surface with more rigidity.  The 5 different texture embossing patterns we offer will give you a variety of decorative visual and physical effects for various applications.

Embossing is ideal for decorative materials such as foil or laminated film. It’s also perfect to create eye-catching packaging or wrapping. We have worked extensively with the decorative materials and packaging industries to create custom designs and patterns that are attractive and reasonably priced.

Embossed patterns

We offer five embossed patterns on roll widths between 1” and 50” (457 to 1270mm) at our large and versatile manufacturing facility.

We can apply custom embossing patterns to a variety of substrates, including coated and laminated materials (PET, PVC, OPP, etc.) as well as paper and board stock.  

If you’re looking for something special or custom designed, we’re happy to discuss your requirements and help you to find a solution.



Holographic embossing

Holographic embossing is a specialty converting service that we offer. The process casts a holographic image onto the film surface resulting in a pleasing visual effect ideal for decorative display, gift wrap, or packaging.

Our specialty equipment creates holographic embossing in three distinct stock patterns:

  • Dots
  • Rainbow
  • Kaleidoscope

Our holographic embossing equipment can handle rolls with a width of up to 48” (1219mm).


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