Flexo Printing

Often shortened to flexo, flexography is a process that uses a flexible relief plate to print on a substrate material. It’s reminiscent of the traditional letterpress method of printing.

It involves creating a flexographic printing plate that is used to apply ink to a variety of substrate materials which includes plastics and metallic films. It can also be used to print on non-porous materials such as those used in food packaging.

It can be used to print patterns, images or large solid blocks of color.

Gravure Printing

Rotogravure (gravure) printing is a high-speed and volume method of producing high-quality printing on a substrate material. It’s often used for packaging and gift-wrap.

Gravure printing involves using a plate or cylinder that has cells acid-etched into it with varying depths. It is the opposite of flexo-printing, as the cells are recessed, rather than raised. The cells of the plate or cylinder are filled with ink, then the substrate material such as paper or plastic is pressed against it, transferring the image.

This process is very fast and is ideal for producing large orders. The cost is higher than flexo printing.

Our Flexo & Gravure Printing Services

The smooth tones and full-color capability of our gravure and flexo printing technology makes it perfect for the manufacture of packaging or decorative wrapping.

Our flexo and gravure printing machines are 4-color, giving full-tonal printing results. The rotary presses can handle rolls up to 62”.

You provide the digital image for printing and we take care of the rest.

We can customize your flexo printing or gravure printing order if needed, just contact us and we can discuss your needs.