• Gravure coating up to 62" (1575mm) wide.
• Adhesive lamination up to 60" (1525mm) wide.
• Slitting from 3/16" (4.7mm) to 80" (2032mm).
• Embossing various patterns up to 48"
(1220mm) in width.
• Corona treating of various substrates. Full
coverage or lane treating.
• Traverse spooling narrow width materials,
up to 12" face by 9" outside diameter.
• 4 color Flexo printing up to 30" (762mm) wide.
• Vacuum Metallizing up to 64" (1626mm) wide.
All coatings and adhesives are water based
and environmentally friendly.
Metallized and Color Lacquer PVC,
Polyester, Polypropylene, Iridescent,
Metallic, High Gloss and Holographic
Laminated to Foamed Polypropylene,
Polyester, and Paper.
Polyester-Polypropylene Laminated
to Iridescent PVC.
Polyester Laminated to High Gloss,
Metallic, and Iridescent paper Laminates.
Materials can be delivered flat or embossed,
in rolls from 1/8" up to 60" width.
Narrow Material can be Traverse Wound.